10-year trial of melanoma vaccine shows most promising outcomes to date

22 Apr 14

330908-hpv-vaccinationResearchers at the University of Adelaide have discovered a new trial vaccine which offers the most promising treatment to date for advanced melanoma.

Known as ‘vaccinia melanoma cell lysate’ (VMCL), this new trial treatment was given regularly to 54 South Australian patients with advanced, inoperable melanoma over a 10-year period. The vaccine has been found to increase patient survival rates, with the ability to stop or reverse the cancer in some patients.

International marathon season has kicked off!

22 Apr 14

Paris 1We’ve just finished cheering on our group of amazing runners as they took on the streets of Paris and London for their epic marathon charity challenges. Together, they raised over $70,000 for world-class cancer research – incredible!!

Now, having witness some of the buzz, marathon runners all over the world are gearing up to secure a spot in next year’s international marathons.

Places for both the London and Paris Marathon are hard to come by. Last year the London Marathon ballot closed in record time, after 125,000 applications were received in less than 12 hours. Only 40,000 odd will get selected to take on the exciting course.

Happy Easter from the ACRF!

16 Apr 14

Easter gifts in Lieu fighting cancerThis Easter we can help you avoid chocolate overload! If you’re rushing to find those last minute Easter gifts, why not make a small donation in lieu of Easter eggs instead?

By donating in lieu of chocolate eggs this Easter you can help support cancer research with the power to change the world! Please click here to donate.

Also, from all of us at the Australian Cancer Research Foundation, we wish our supporters a very Happy Easter, with special wishes to our Greek (Kaló Páscha) and Italian (Buona Pasqua) donors!

Our office will be closed from Friday 18 April for the long weekend (back in business from the 22nd). However, if you wish to make a donation online during this time, a receipt will be issued to your email address automatically.

Thank you again for your ongoing support of our work. Happy Easter!

ACRF Skydiving charity challenge opens again for 2014!

7 Apr 14

JumpIf a 60 second free fall from impossible heights sounds like your cup of tea, then it’s time to sign up for our most hair-raising fundraiser yet!

The ACRF is taking to the skies once again with our Jump! campaign, and we’re looking for fearless skydivers from all over Australia to help us raise vital funds for world-class cancer research.

This year we have four adrenaline fuelled days lined up across Aus and each skydiving charity challenge is bound to be filled with great memories. Fly solo or pull a team of friends together for any of the below dates. Either way, you know it’s going to be an experience you’ll never forget!

  • Byron Bay: June 14 (closest JUMP! location to Brisbane and Gold Coast)
  • Perth: August 24
  • Wollongong: September 7 (a special Father’s Day Jump!)
  • Melbourne: November 15

Global clinical trial shows promise for new lung cancer treatment

31 Mar 14

Peter MacYoung lung cancer patients in Victoria have become some of the first in the world to benefit from a new targeted therapy which has minimised tumours and improved symptoms in a Phase I clinical trial.

The global clinical trial tested 130 patients with a specific type of lung cancer, containing a change in a gene called ALK.

The ALK gene has been found to create “immortal” cells which never seem to switch off, meaning they are constantly in over-drive, growing and proliferating. A tablet therapy, called ceretinib works as an ALK inhibitor, shrinking tumours and resolving symptoms of the cancer.

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