Research grant guidelines & applications 2014

Grant guidelines - feature

Projects funded by the ACRF

We provide capital grants for the establishment of capital works and facilities (including scientific equipment and other technologies), and national enterprises in support of all aspects of cancer research, including but not limited to cell and molecular biology, epidemiology, prevention and drug development.

The ACRF is a ‘seed’ funding body and is therefore interested in applications for larger scale research projects with value over and above the amount sought directly from ACRF. We expect applicants to leverage ACRF grants to secure any ‘gap’ funding and also to feature multi-disciplinary teams, collaborations and evidence of the translational impacts at a clinical level (with patients).

Assessment of applications

All applications are considered and assessed by the ACRF’s Medical Research Advisory Committee (MRAC), a group of highly distinguished research scientists who are appointed by the ACRF’s Board of Trustees. The procedures of the MRAC are similar to those employed by the National Health & Medical Research Council and include the assessment of applications by referees and independent expert assessors, as well as site visits and interviews of selected short-listed applicants.

The MRAC’s recommendations for funding are reviewed and finalised by the Foundation’s Board of Trustees.

2014 Grant Application Guidelines

Applications for the 2014 Grant Round were accepted from Monday April 28, 2014, with the grant round closing on June 30, 2014.

Cognisant of the large amounts of time and effort principal research scientists already devote to writing grant applications for support of their research programs, our procedures are intended to ensure economy of effort. Accordingly, we have streamlined our process and no longer require a two stage application process.  Eligible persons and groups (defined as able to meet the application guidelines) are invited to submit a single detailed written application.

The MRAC will select from these applications, a short-list on the basis of eligibility and scientific merit, that will proceed to interview, and if deemed appropriate, a site visit.

The 2014 Grant Round has now closed.


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