We are on a mission to end cancer by funding world-class research into prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

We are a unique cancer charity foundation in Australia.


Our mission is to end cancer by providing world-class scientists with the equipment they need to improve prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer.


Together we have the power to make significant breakthroughs in cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Ovarian cancer

Can our genes help predict how women respond to ovarian cancer treatment?

New research has shown that the genes we inherit can have a significant impact on how the body processes chemotherapy drugs, which…

cancer research scientist

Cancer killing clue could lead to safer and more powerful immunotherapies

New research could help to safely adapt a new immunotherapy – currently only effective in blood cancers – for the treatment of…

Cancer research scientist

Researchers build tiny DNA nanorobots to block cancer growth

Scientists have successfully designed tiny nanorobots made of DNA and protein that can be targeted directly at tumours to stop them from…


Australian Running Festival

The Australian Running Festival is back and better than ever in 2018 on April 14-15! Located in the heart of the Parliamentary…


London Marathon

Run the world with ACRF. We currently have no places left for London Marathon 2018. If you are interested in any other…


SMH Half Marathon

Sydney CBD

Join us as we enjoy the beautiful streets of Sydney’s CBD and run to #endcancer. The SMH Half Marathon features 21.1kms of…