Cancer Research Grants

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Funding research with the power to beat cancer.

The Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF) is dedicated to funding research in Australia that has the power to make significant breakthroughs in cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Thanks to the generosity of our many supporters – individuals, families, corporates and community groups from around Australia – we are able to award high-impact grants, allowing Australia’s best scientists to embark on ground-breaking research projects. These cancer research initiatives, which cover prevention, diagnosis and treatment for all types of cancer, speed up discoveries, ultimately working to save lives by saving time.

  • University of Queensland, QLD: $1m for discovery and development of innovative methods for the early detection of lung cancer to allow earlier intervention and improved treatment outcomes.
  • The Australian Synchrotron (VIC): $2m for the technology to place Australia at the forefront of cancer drug discovery and development.
  • Centre for Cancer Biology (SA): $2m for technology to accelerate our understanding of the causes of cancer and translate these findings into improved outcomes for cancer patients.
  • The John Curtin School of Medical Research, ANU (ACT): $2m to explore existing collections of Australia’s native plants for new cancer treatments.
  • Children’s Medical Research Institute (NSW): $10m for a facility that will provide a major step forward for cancer diagnosis and treatment of Australians. By analysing tens of thousands of samples of all types of cancers from all over the world, scientists in Australia will develop a library of information to advance scientific discovery and enhance clinical treatment worldwide.

Since its inception…

The ACRF has awarded $120.9 million in research grants to Australian cancer research institutes. The largest private cancer research grant the ACRF has awarded is $10 million. Furthermore, over two thirds of ACRF’s funding has been awarded since 2006 – a reflection of the increasing need to fund research that rapidly progresses the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

There has been great progress in research for many cancers in the last few years, but costs for sophisticated equipment and laboratories are immense. Our aim for funding research in Australia is to enable the best-equipped laboratories here in Australia, and to attract and inspire the best and brightest scientific minds to take on groundbreaking new cancer research with the potential to prevent and cure this devastating disease.

On behalf of Australia’s leading cancer researchers, we thank our donors and supporters.  It is their generosity that makes it possible to provide these major grants – we receive no funding from any other sources.

What type of research do we fund?

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