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Charity fundraising event

QLD jewellers do charity run for ACRF

21st September 2017 - Posted by ACRF

Original story written by Talia Paz for Jeweller Magazine Two Queensland jewellers have completed the Sydney Running Festival in an effort to…

Melbourne Teenager Makes Generous Donation to ACRF

19th September 2017 - Posted by ACRF

Hello, my name is Ben. I am 13, attend McKinnon Secondary College, like hanging out with my friends, watching classic films –…

Cancer researcher Dr Katherine Morel Flinders University

Surprise discovery to help those with prostate cancer

14th September 2017 - Posted by ACRF

A surprise discovery by researchers at Flinders Centre for Innovation in Cancer is giving hope for men with the most aggressive and…

Australia cancer research

Stef is losing her locks to fundraise for research

12th September 2017 - Posted by ACRF

I admit to being completely obsessed with my hair – it’s my crown and a huge expression of my personality. I also…

Cancer researcher Dr Matllob Khushi

New bioinformatics tool to improve the early detection of cancer

12th September 2017 - Posted by ACRF

Dr Matloob Khushi, postdoctoral researcher at Children’s Medical Research Institute, has developed a new bioinformatics tool to improve early detection of cancer.…

Children's cancer

Zero Childhood Cancer national clinical trial launched

11th September 2017 - Posted by ACRF

Personalised treatment for childhood cancers in Australia is a step closer thanks to the Zero Childhood Cancer program’s national clinical trial launched…

Cell receptors

Cell surface receptors guide immune cell attacks

8th September 2017 - Posted by ACRF

Researchers at Walter and Eliza Hall Institute (WEHI) have discovered how immune cells use a unique set of assembly instructions to ‘mix…

Australia cancer research

Samantha is taking part in Blackmores Sydney Running Festival 2017

6th September 2017 - Posted by ACRF

Honestly, I have never been interested in running a marathon but after the recent loss of two very special people, I wanted…

Cancer researchers at IMB UQ

Potential treatment for brain cancer as drug shrinks tumours

5th September 2017 - Posted by ACRF

An international team of researchers has found a drug previously approved to treat breast cancer could also be used to shrink medulloblastoma,…

Zoë’s Story

31st August 2017 - Posted by ACRF

DONATE NOW   My name is Zoë and I’m writing to you because I believe in a world without cancer is possible. But…

Australia cancer research

Cooper Rice-Brading

31st August 2017 - Posted by ACRF

Sarcoma claims the lives of two in five people with this cancer. Hope lies in research, which will aim to significantly increase…

Australia cancer research

Will attempts to break Guinness World Record at Blackmores Running Festival

30th August 2017 - Posted by ACRF

Will Bond took on the 2017 City2Surf, running 14km in a full Chinese Lion Dance costume raising over $5,000 for cancer research. Now,…