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Breast cancer linked to chronic disease later in life

19th January 2018 - Posted by ACRF

Women who receive hormonal therapy for breast cancer are at increased risk of developing chronic conditions later in life, according to new…

Cancer research Australia

A new blood test can detect eight different cancers in their early stages

19th January 2018 - Posted by ACRF

Peter Gibbs, Walter and Eliza Hall Institute Researchers have developed a blood test that can detect the presence of eight common cancers.…

Brain cancer research

Three charts on: brain cancer in Australia

10th January 2018 - Posted by ACRF

While survival rates for most cancers continue to improve in Australia, brain cancers aren’t seeing the same success. Australians diagnosed with brain…

Australian cancer research

Study reveals a role for micro-RNAS in cancer cell survival

13th December 2017 - Posted by ACRF

A collaboration between the Garvan Institute of Medical Research and Peter Mac has shed light on how cancer cells can precisely control…

Christmas charity fundraising

Tony turns on the Christmas lights again for ACRF

13th December 2017 - Posted by ACRF

Prior to settling in Australia, Christmas for our family in the UK was always celebrated in cold and wintery weather. Decorating our…

Australian cancer researche

Missing DNA fragments hold clue to predicting childhood leukaemia relapse

11th December 2017 - Posted by ACRF

Australian researchers have developed a new risk scoring system for children with leukaemia based on missing DNA fragments or ‘microdeletions’. The risk…

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Edward is a fundraiser at age 2

8th December 2017 - Posted by ACRF

We, Jayne and Onan, are the proud and happy parents of a beautiful son, Edward. Originally from the UK and Turkey, we…

Australian cancer research

Researchers show aspirin added to cancer drug improves effectiveness

7th December 2017 - Posted by ACRF

Adding aspirin to some existing cancer drugs could increase their effectiveness against a group of tumours resistant to treatment, new research has…

Regular giving

Tiffany becomes an ACRF regular giver

7th December 2017 - Posted by ACRF

If I had a personality label, it would read highly motivated and very energetic! I am 47 years old and my husband…

QIMR Berghofer grant

ACRF grant to transform Queensland into global immunotherapy hub

29th November 2017 - Posted by ACRF

Brisbane will continue to produce new and world-leading cancer immunotherapy treatments, thanks to a $1.75 million grant from the Australian Cancer Research…

Latest genomic technology to analyse tumours in Perth

29th November 2017 - Posted by ACRF

The Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research wins $1.75m grant to establish ACRF Centre for Advanced Cancer Genomics The $1.75M grant awarded…

$2 million grant brings Liverpool cancer Wellness Centre one step closer

29th November 2017 - Posted by ACRF

Liverpool Hospital Cancer Services has been awarded a $2 million Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF) grant to go towards providing a facility…