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High tea for cancer research

Daniella’s tea for tomorrow and ACRF

10th October 2017 - Posted by ACRF

It was my love of the magical world of tea that prompted me to start my own business, Amity Created. Tea has…

Ashleigh’s Story

10th October 2017 - Posted by Lance Redgrave

  My name is Ashleigh. I support the Australian Cancer Research Foundation and I am committed to doing what I can to…

rare cancers are hard to treat

How we can overcome the lack of treatment options for rare cancers

5th October 2017 - Posted by ACRF

Colman Taylor, University of Sydney and John Zalcberg, Monash University Rare cancers are just that: rare. This means research into each of…

Girls with curls fundraise for cancer research

5th October 2017 - Posted by ACRF

We are four aqua aerobic friends, the Curly Girls. Sadly, cancer has impacted all of us in some way – family members,…

Brent in endurance competition for ACRF

5th October 2017 - Posted by ACRF

I’ve been involved in Surf Life Saving since age eight and played sport my whole life so it was a natural to…

Janet gets clipped at fundraising event

4th October 2017 - Posted by ACRF

I am 65 years old and ready for retirement this year. I’ve been working since age 15 so it’s time! My current…

Jess shaves her head for cancer research

4th October 2017 - Posted by ACRF

My name is Jess and when I was 14 years old, my mum was diagnosed and successfully treated for breast cancer. Eleven…

Australia cancer research

Scott is shaving his beard for cancer research

3rd October 2017 - Posted by ACRF

My mother was Dawn by name and Dawn by nature. She shone every day and had an amazing ability to turn our…

Australia Cancer Research

New drug to supercharge immune cells in the fight against cancer

29th September 2017 - Posted by ACRF

A new cancer treatment with the dual ability to normalise tumour blood vessels and boost the body’s immune system, has been developed…

Charity fundraising event

QLD jewellers do charity run for ACRF

21st September 2017 - Posted by ACRF

Original story written by Talia Paz for Jeweller Magazine Two Queensland jewellers have completed the Sydney Running Festival in an effort to…

Melbourne Teenager Makes Generous Donation to ACRF

19th September 2017 - Posted by ACRF

Hello, my name is Ben. I am 13, attend McKinnon Secondary College, like hanging out with my friends, watching classic films –…

Cancer researcher Dr Katherine Morel Flinders University

Surprise discovery to help those with prostate cancer

14th September 2017 - Posted by ACRF

A surprise discovery by researchers at Flinders Centre for Innovation in Cancer is giving hope for men with the most aggressive and…