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Leanne’s Story

9th May 2017 - Posted by ACRF

DONATE NOW   “I met Scott in early December 2001, when I was a 19-year-old university student. I was out with a…

cancer research

New childhood leukaemia subtype found

9th May 2017 - Posted by ACRF

Researchers at the Children’s Cancer Institute (CCI) in Sydney, together with collaborators in Prague, have found a new technique for tracking leukaemia…

Melanoma on hands and feet

Two melanomas that aren’t linked to UV radiation

5th May 2017 - Posted by ACRF

The genetic study, led by Australian researchers at Melanoma Institute Australia (MIA), QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute and The University of Sydney as…

ACRF supports blood cancer research at Peter MacCullum Cancer Centre

New pathway for blood cancer therapies

3rd May 2017 - Posted by ACRF

Cancer researchers at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre and Monash University in Melbourne have identified how a new class of epigenetic drug engages…

Shanuki donates her hair to help Australian Cancer Research Foundation

Shanuki says goodbye to her long hair for a great cause

1st May 2017 - Posted by ACRF

“Each year I try to give some of my time to a great cause. Last year, I volunteered as a buddy at…

Alycia supports Australian cancer research on her birthday

Alycia’s birthday is helping Australian cancer researchers

26th April 2017 - Posted by ACRF

“For my 20th birthday, I just wanted an easy-going, simple celebration where I could spend time catching up with friends. I also…

Stem cells bone marrow

Immune cell discovery opens up possibility of new treatment for blood cancer

21st April 2017 - Posted by ACRF

Researchers have unlocked the secrets of a little-understood immune cell, potentially paving the way for an easier way to treat and prevent…

Wedding donations to support Australian cancer research

For many more happily ever afters

19th April 2017 - Posted by ACRF

“My name is Celine and my husband’s name is Khoi and we recently got married. We had a beautiful ceremony at Mosman’s…

Star Wars themed fundraiser to help end cancer

Lyss Organises Star Wars Themed Fundraising Event

11th April 2017 - Posted by ACRF

“Cancer is not just something that happens in a galaxy far, far away. Early last year, my eight-year-old nephew was diagnosed with…

Australian cancer research discoveries

Genetic links for neuroendocrine pancreatic cancer revealed

7th April 2017 - Posted by ACRF

An Australian-led international research effort has revealed that genetic changes normally linked to breast, colon and ovarian cancers could also drive a…

Australian-first detector to accelerate cancer research

31st March 2017 - Posted by ACRF

Australians with cancer will be the first to benefit from the multi-million dollar Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF) Detector launched today at…

Pru is running for cancer research in Australia

Prue is running for cancer research

30th March 2017 - Posted by ACRF

Prue is a long-time runner, training for the Australian Running Festival in Canberra and raising funds for cancer research. “Although I have been running…