Your direct giving options

Donate to charity and help find the cures for cancer!

There are many ways that you can donate to charity to support the fight against cancer. Many of our supporters choose to host events, or take on challenging feats – but for others, a simple giving option works best. The below options will help you navigate our direct donation categories. Thank you very much for considering a direct donation to charity.

Bequests in Wills

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Support cancer research by making a donation to charity in your Will to the ACRF. A bequest is one of the greatest gifts the ACRF can receive, allowing us to plan for a bright and positive future for cancer research in Australia.

Monthly Donations

Regular Giving - David archer family

‘Regular Giving’ is when you donate to charity on a monthly (or other frequent) basis. By contributing monthly gifts to cancer research you will join a VIP group of ACRF supporters known as ‘Partners in the Cure’.

In Memoriam

memorial gifts

Donating in memory of a loved one is a valuable way to celebrate their life while contributing to cancer research. We can support you to arrange charity donations at the funeral, or to make private memorial donations.

Appeal campaigns

campaign for cancer

Throughout the year we share news and supporter stories via our campaigns for cancer. These inspire our generous supporters to donate to charity and make a difference to world-class cancer research.

Workplace Giving

Workplace Giving

Help the fight against cancer by making pre-tax charity donations to ACRF through your payroll. When you ‘give as you earn’, the power for working Australians to enable true progress in cancer research is incredible.

In Celebration

Donate in lieu of gifts

Donate to charity in celebration of a birthday, wedding or other occasion. By giving a gift to cancer research in lieu of traditional presents, you will be adding something special to an already momentous occasion.