Annual Campaigns for Cancer

One of the most important ways of supporting our work is through a Campaign for Cancer

At the Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF) we are dedicated to finding the cures for cancer by funding research into all types of cancer, right around Australia – but we cannot do it alone. Throughout the year, we launch campaigns for cancer, to help us achieve this goal.

A campaign for cancer is designed to rally supporters to help us fulfil our vision of enabling our world-class researchers to achieve things tomorrow that they could only dream of today. Each campaign for cancer makes a difference through direct donations, as we fight to eradicate cancer and its devastating effects. A campaign for cancer will sometimes share either an amazing or heartbreaking real-life story of one of our supporters. They also allow us the opportunity to share some of the incredible discoveries that have been achieved in cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment thanks to people like you.

Tax time donations campaign

tax donations

Men's cancer month September


Women's cancer month October

women's cancer

Christmas donations campaign

Christmas donations