Corporate events for charity


Organise a company fundraising event for your workplace

Providing social occasions for your staff, clients or stakeholders is an important part of maintaining and improving business relationships. Your corporate fundraising event might be in memory of someone special, in celebration of a company milestone, or it might be simply because you want to do something fun and exciting by giving your company stakeholders an experience they’ll associate positively with your brand.

The ACRF has therefore designed a number of events which provide wonderful networking opportunities for your company, while supporting the fight against one of society’s biggest problems – cancer.

Existing ACRF Corporate Events

These existing ACRF events can be tailored for your staff, clients or corporate partners to get involved in a positive cause.

Torch group-buggy pic

Golf day:

Enjoy a day on the green, at the prestigious NSW Golf Club, La Perouse.

Road Show image

Company Road Show:

A traveling presentation to your staff or stakeholders by well-known Australian personalities.

ACRF Lowy Cancer Research Centre 093

Research Laboratory Tour:

Give your staff the opportunity to see how researchers are solving the problem of cancer from within an ACRF-funded laboratory.

Host your own fundraising event

Alternatively, you can always coordinate and manage your own fundraising event within the workplace.  You can start as small as you like – by requesting a contribution from each staff member in the lead up to a communal lunch – or you can go further by offering prizes at a gala dinner or auction.

The Australian Cancer Research Foundation would be delighted to support your organisation to run a company fundraising event with information and collateral. Please click here to send us a proposal for your event.