Donations in lieu of gifts: Charity donations in celebration!

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Making in-celebration donations to charity

Donating in-celebration of a wedding, birthday, anniversary, festive occasion is a wonderful way to add meaning to a special day. This type of charity donation is limited only by your imagination!

In-celebration charity donations can involve the event organiser asking their guests to make a charity donation in lieu of gifts, or the gift-giver can replace a traditional gift – such as birthday or Christmas presents – with a charity donation.

The ACRF can provide you with a selection of cards and cancer research ribbons, depending on the occasion, as a way of honouring and acknowledging your generous contribution to cancer research.

Celebrate with wedding donations in lieu of gifts!

Many modern couples are already blessed with the toasters, dinner-sets and bedspreads that make their house a home, so it’s a wonderful idea to arrange for charity donations to cancer research.

We’ve got a number of suggestions that will bring even more meaning to this amazing celebration, each of them making a wonderful difference to our ability to fund world-class research into cancer prevention, diagnosis and cure. Cancer effects one in two people by the time they are 85, but your contribution to the ACRF will help turn this statistic around.

The bride and groom can choose to support cancer research on their special day by:

  • requesting wedding donations in lieu of gifts, or by
  • making a donation yourselves, in lieu of wedding favours (bonbonniere).

For guests who would like to surprise their friends or family with a gift with a difference, you can make a donation directly through our secure online portal, or search for a couple who you know has set up an ACRF Everyday Hero wedding page.

If you’d like more information, please contact us. 

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Donate to charity in celebration of a birthday

Celebrating a birthday with donations in lieu of gifts is the perfect way to add meaning to your or your loved one’s special day!

Birthday donations can involve a family member or friend replacing more traditional gifts with a charity donation, or on the other hand, the birthday girl or boy might ask their guests to make a donation in lieu of gifts to ACRF. Birthday donations can also become part of a more elaborate fundraising plan – you might like to hold a birthday party as a ‘fundraiser’ for cancer research. We’re very happy to talk with you about your options and provide you with some materials (such as cancer research ribbons) that will help inspire your friends and family on your birthday.

After all, wouldn’t a world without cancer be the greatest gift of all?

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Donate to charity in celebration of an anniversary

Many people celebrating an anniversary prefer to request donations to the ACRF in lieu of traditional gifts.

At the Anniversary event, the ACRF can help you thank your guests by providing cancer research ribbons and/or donation envelopes as a wonderful way of acknowledging that your anniversary is also bringing new hope to cancer patients and their families.  Of course, if you’re not having an event, you can also set up an online donation page which your guests can visit and contribute to.

As a gift giver, it’s often difficult to think of appropriate gifts for your loved ones, friends and colleagues at a point in their lives when they might already have so many things. A donation to cancer research is the perfect alternative to traditional gift giving, and once the donation is made, ACRF will send a card and letter informing that ‘special someone’ of your kind donation.

Donate to charity with calendar events and community celebrations!

With so many reasons to celebrate throughout the year, it’s very easy to substitute at least one gift per year with a charity gift.

If you’re hosting a party in celebration of these occasions or any other event of special significance, you can always raise money for the cancer cures through your event. Simply request donations to charity in lieu of traditional gifts!


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