Fundraise for Cancer Research

Fundraise for cancer research

There are so many ways you can get involved and support ACRF in our mission of ending cancer.

You can be as creative as you like – host a party this Spring, a morning tea or shave your head! You can even choose to request donations instead of birthday or Christmas presents.

Our staff will support you to make your plan a success!

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create your own fundraising event

Cancer fundraising events are one of the most enjoyable, rewarding ways to support the ACRF on their plight to end cancer. Let’s get to creating your event!

shave or colour for cancer research

Help shave years off cancer research by shaving or colouring your hair and donating the proceeds to ACRF!

unwanted gifts for cancer research

Thank you for choosing to support ACRF in lieu of gifts on your special occasion.
You may choose to give up presents on your birthday, anniversary or a special calendar event!

charity fundraising event ideas

Looking for some fundraising inspiration? Look no further, our A-Z fundraising events guide will throw you some ideas. Remember, the sky is the limit!