Organise a cancer fundraising event for research

host a cancer fundraising event

Make your fundraising initiative an event to remember!

Cancer fundraising events are one of the most enjoyable, rewarding ways to support the ACRF in the fight against cancer. From cake stalls and dress-up days, to grand balls and golf tournaments, your cancer fundraising options are endless and we are here to make sure you have the time of your life, while bringing new hope to cancer patients and their families of the very near future.

Before you get started on your fundraising journey…

You’ll need to quickly run through these three steps. Once everything on this list has been finalised, you’ll be on your way towards cancer fundraising greatness!!

  1. Confirm your event idea. To help you brainstorm ideas, the ACRF has built a complete A-Z Fundraising Ideas resource for you, identifying a range of potential cancer fundraising events you might like to try.
  2. Check out our Terms and Conditions (guidelines about your role as a third-party fundraiser for the ACRF in your local area).
  3. Complete our Fundraising Proposal Form so we can authorise your event and support you to reach your exciting fundraising targets!
Tell us about your fundraising event
cancer fundraising
cancer fundraising

Online fundraising is easy and engaging:

The ACRF has partnered up with a number of online fundraising portals to make your fundraising experience as simple as possible. Once you know what type of cancer fundraising event you’re going to have, these online fundraising portals are among the most efficient ways to raise charity donations. They are also one of the best ways to connect your family and friends with your initiative.

Both GoFundraise and Everyday Hero allow you to set up a personal online fundraising page. You will be able to nominate the Australian Cancer Research Foundation as your chosen beneficiary, and enjoy the benefits:

  • Online donations will be sent to the ACRF, with receipts issued automatically to the donor’s email address.
  • Share your unique online fundraising weblink (url) with family, friends, colleagues and other networks.
  • Upload images, keep subscribers up to date with new blog posts and view messages of support.

Materials for your fundraising

Donations in lieu of gifts

To maximise your cancer fundraising opportunities, the ACRF is able provide you with any or all of the following materials so that you can easily collect and submit donations to the ACRF:

  1. Fundraising kit: We know organising an event can be a little bit stressful, but we want this to be an exciting and fun experience for you and your helpers! So, to ensure your event runs super smoothly we’ve created a fundraising kit that talks you through everything you need to know and remember when planning your big day!
  2. Our special donation envelopes: A great alternative to online fundraising, these donation envelopes can be distributed amongst your family and friends. They are reply paid, and capture all of the information we need to issue tax deductible receipts.
  3. Event action checklists and other resources: We’ve got event action plans, budget spreadsheets, event posters, even an ACRF team shirt order form available through this link.
  4. A box of ACRF Cancer Research ribbons (black and silver): These ribbons are a lovely keepsake for your guests and a reminder of the difference they have made to cancer research in Australia.