Products and Services for Charity


Making corporate charity donations through company profits

Allocating a percentage of company profits to cancer research is a wonderful way to grow corporate charity donations, while meeting your social responsibility strategies.

This corporate charity donation option often involves a longer-term commitment over a year or perhaps more. In this way, even the smallest percentage of proceeds can accumulate into a life-changing amount for cancer patients and their families.

Alternatively, your company can approach the charity donation as a one-off or short-term pledge, with a percentage of proceeds collected on a specific day, week or special occasion.

Corporate charity donations through retail proceeds:

Streetsmart Marketing

Streetsmart Marketing recently held two conferences in Brisbane and Sydney, pledging to contribute the base ticketing price to the Australian Cancer Research Foundation and raising an incredible total of $70,000 for world-class cancer research.

Anh Do Pic1

With his mentor having sadly passed away from cancer, Anh Do pledged 1% of proceeds from his top-selling “The Happiest Refugee”. In three years, this seemingly humble contribution has now amounted to more than $98,000!


Charity Greeting Cards has a well established corporate charity donation scheme, whereby the ACRF receives a percentage of sales from greeting cards and gift hampers. First joining the ACRF in the fight against cancer in 2000, their donation total has now exceeded $105,000!

Corporate giving through service proceeds:

Cancer Care

Cancer Care has developed a unique personal health insurance that covers more types of cancers than many other policies, and offers various levels of cover. Plus, 10% of all premiums are donated to the Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF).

GOThat Logo

GoThat is a daily deals site with a difference. Gothat selects the best discount deals from the top Group Buying, daily deal sites and offers them in one email. Even better, they also donate 50% of their commission on these sales to charities like the ACRF – chosen by their customers at time of sign-up.


ShareGift Australia provides shareholders with a convenient and cost-effective way to sell and then donate parcels of shares that would normally be expensive to trade. ShareGift Australia can sell shares which can then assist a wide range of Australian charities (including the ACRF) by the shareholder recommending a charity.