Regular charity donations for cancer research

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Making progress possible with regular charity donations

Our regular givers form a powerful group of supporters, called the Partners in the Cure. Their regular charity donations to cancer research allow us to provide a stable and supportive future for Australia’s best cancer researchers. We are incredibly grateful for their support.

By signing up to become a Partner in the Cure, no matter the size of your monthly donation, you will make a vital difference to researchers’ ability to speed up discoveries in cancer prevention, diagnosis and cure.

Our Partners in the Cure are often surprised to realise the difference they have made, as their monthly donation accumulates over time into an amount that truly has the power to save lives and bring hope to cancer patients and their families. When our Partners in the Cure give together, real progress is possible.

Monthly Donations to Cancer Research – How it Works:

Regular giving with the ACRF is usually processed on the 15th of every month, via an automated donation from your bank account or credit card.  However, we are very happy to accommodate any preferences you might have for an alternative regular charity donation frequency. Feel free to speak with us about your circumstances so that we can help find the best regular giving option for you.

We will notify you to confirm when your first regular gift has been processed. Please note this notification will not be a tax-deductible donation receipt. Your official tax-deductible receipt will be sent in early July, and will represent your total contribution to world-class cancer research for the financial year. Please let us know if you prefer to receive this annual tax receipt via email or post.

As a valued Partner in the Cure, you will receive regular updates about the research we are funding, as well as information about upcoming events, including exclusive laboratory tours of the research centres located near you. This way you will be able to stay in touch with the impact your generous monthly donations are making to accelerate discoveries in cancer prevention, diagnosis and cure.

Monthly memorial gifts: your tribute to a loved one-

Many of our Partners in the Cure dedicate their monthly donations to a loved one who may have bravely survived cancer, who is currently being treated for cancer, or who has tragically passed away from this devastating disease.

For these Regular Givers, like David Archer (pictured above), we set up a special memorial fund within our system, so that, at any given time, we will be able to tell you how much you have contributed in honour of that special someone. You will have an opportunity on your Partner in the Cure online sign-up form to let us know whether your regular charity donations are in tribute to a special someone.

Who else is making regular charity donations to the ACRF:

Luciano Hespanhol
Regular Giver since 2007, donating in memory of his grandmother.

“At any given time, I can remind myself that I am preventing other people from heading down the same no-through road.”

Maria Falzon
Regular Giver since 2002, giving in memory of her cousin.

“I lost my cousin Maryanne who passed when she was only 42 years old. Actually she was diagnosed with the disease and then went into remission only for it to emerge very quickly afterwards in a bad way.”

David Archer
Regular Giver since 2011, giving in memory of his wife.

“Danielle inspired so many during her brave fight against cancer. To honour her memory, I have made a life-time commitment to actively support Australian researchers in their search for the cures.”