Workplace Giving

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What is Workplace Giving?

Workplace giving is as simple as making a regular pre-tax donation from your pay which provides an immediate tax benefit.

Many companies facilitate regular employee donations to charity (also known as Payroll or Workplace Giving) because donations are made before tax is taken out of the employee’s salary. Staff can therefore enjoy an immediate tax benefit while making a difference to our ability to fund breakthrough cancer research in Australia.

Your Workplace giving donations will provide ACRF with the long term, stable funding we need to plan effectively and maintain our funding to world-class research. Many employers also choose to match employee donations or make one-off corporate charity donations, giving each employee contribution even more value in the fight against cancer.

Why make payroll donations to the ACRF?

There is a compelling value proposition for companies who adopt a giving mindset and implement payroll donations for their staff.

Staff Retention

According to the Charities Aid Foundation, “All CEOs and senior leaders identify employee engagement as their no. 1 workplace giving objective and view engagement as a critical part of their talent management strategy”.

Furthermore, Charities Aid Foundation research indicates that companies who offer these engagement opportunities experience higher staff retention, with “only 18% of highly engaged employees likely to leave their employer in the next two years compared to 40% of employees with lower levels of engagement.”

 Shared Goals

Through payroll donations, staff work together towards an important common goal that is completely outside of the organisation, yet significant to each and every Australian.

One in two men and one in three women in Australia will be diagnosed with cancer by the age of 85. Workplace Giving is therefore a simple way for working Australians to make a big difference to the search for the cancer cures.


If just 10% of working Australians made a regular employee donation of $5 each week, their contributions would amount to $260 million each year. The potential for new cancer research breakthroughs, given an increase in Workplace Giving support, is incredible.

At the ACRF, we fund research into all types of cancer and we are a national organisation which allows us to recognise research excellence in every Australian state. Most importantly, the research we fund has world-wide consequences for cancer patients and their families.

Collateral for your workplace

To inspire your employees or colleagues to participate in Workplace Giving for cancer research, the ACRF has compiled a selection of materials for you to download.

Our Workplace Giving Collateral Kit includes the following:

Company Matching Schemes

Many corporate organisations will match the funds donated by their employees, which further enhances charitable giving and staff involvement. It is worth asking whether your organisation provides this scheme as part of its social responsibility policy.

That way, every staff donation is given even more value in the fight against cancer!

Please click here for more information on Corporate Matching Schemes.

Who else is making company donations to ACRF?


Lion is one of Australasia’s leading beverage companies, currently employing over 1,800 Australians and 1,400 New Zealanders. Lion is one of ACRF’s most valued workplace giving partners. They implemented the program for staff in January of 2007 and have since donated over $178,300 to ACRF! Lion also supports staff to donate to ACRF through their pay by offering a Corporate Matching Scheme. They also hold regular corporate fundraising events.


PepsiCo Australia & New Zealand is a long term dedicated corporate giving supporter of the Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF).  Employing over 2,500 Australians & New Zealanders and encompassing four business units (The Smith’s Snackfood Company, The Quaker Oats Company, PepsiCo Beverages, and Bluebird Foods New Zealand), PepsiCo Australia & New Zealand has raised over $155,680 in corporate charity donations for cancer research.

NSW Department of Family & Community Services, Ageing, Disability & Home Care (DADHC)

DADHC is one of the ACRF’s leading government departments currently supporting cancer research through Workplace Giving. DADHC employs more than 13,000 staff across NSW and aims to provide better and more integrated services to older people, people with a disability and their families and carers. Through the generous support of the staff at DADHC, over $74,220 has been raised through Workplace Giving since 2009. The ACRF is very grateful for the continued support of the staff at DADHC.

We acknowledge with thanks our loyal, company supporters who facilitate Workplace Giving for their staff. For a full list of our Workplace Giving partners, please click here.