Women’s cancer month


There are over 200 types of cancer that can affect women. This is why we fund research into all women’s cancers. One in four women in Australia will be diagnosed with cancer before the age of 75 — you can change this. By making a donation today, you could turn ideas into better methods of cancer prevention, detection and treatment for women like Joanne.


Gemma and Joanne’s Story

“Two years ago we were faced with the hard news that my mum, Joanne, was diagnosed with Stage 4 bowel cancer.

This was a whole new world for my entire family. We had no understanding of what anything meant or what my mum would have to go through. It has been hard on all of us but it’s been especially hard on my step-dad and my two brothers who are living through this with her every day.

There was a short time when, slowly things began to feel normal again and Mum was recovering day by day. Although the physical and emotional scars of the cancer had not entirely faded, my mum, being the warrior she is, was soaring to better days.

Then out of the blue, while I was on my way to a song writing session, I received a phone call that would once again change my family.

Mum had been re-diagnosed with cancer of the liver and it was terminal. Hearing the news was like being in a movie. A fear I have never felt and didn’t quite comprehend washed over me.

This is now our family’s life. I often describe it as living in a permanent nightmarish limbo-land. We have our good days and our bad days but my mum has kept us all positive and moving forward.

The love my mum has for her children and her family is unwavering and is something I want to pass on to my children.

She has spent her entire life putting everyone else before her and even now, she wishes for nothing more than everyone else’s happiness.

Mum is one of the strongest individuals I know – her life has been a roller coaster yet she always moves onwards and up. She is such an incredible woman and I am so thankful to have her in my life. I’m not ready to lose her.

This illness has turned our lives upside down and this happens every day to families all over the world.

By sharing our story, I hope to show you just how important research is to patients like my mum who are facing cancer right now. I know every donation to ACRF makes a difference and it raises the spirits of those who are living with cancer every day.” – ACRF supporter, Gemma

Gemma and her Mum (First time shaving her head)
Gemma and her Mum_new

Please donate to cancer research and give women like Gemma’s mum more time to enjoy their lives and be with their families. We’ve received 11 grant applications this year for cancer research equipment but we need your support to fund them. Please give today to help end cancer.